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Charlotte Crosby Massage Kendal

Last year I discovered the joys of trigger point therapy, myofascial release and soft tissue release.

This may not float your boat. You may not know what it means. But I can promise you, when they are used in a massage you get much better results. Your pain decreases more quickly and you feel SO much better.

So, I've been racking up as much training as possible to provide this type of massage. After completing the 'Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage Techniques' which set the scene and completely dismissed any doubts I had about it, I took on 'Lower back pain' and 'Upper back pain' followed by the 'Upper back and shoulder girdle'. My latest and most unique course, was about 'TMJ' or 'temporomandibular joint' relief. The symptoms of TMJ are numerous, including jaw, face, neck and shoulder pain, popping and clicking jaw, tinnitus, teeth grinding and headaches.

I'm now very excited about using my new skills to get you out of pain.


So if you're in Kendal or the Lake District, see what I have on offer  and why not give me a ring and organise a session while they're still available!


To book or buy  a gift voucher call me on 07502 304 284

or email me at: info@charlottecrosbymassage.co.uk